Hand-me-down Gift Basket

For all of us who are parents, some of our kids never got the chance to wear an outfit because they grew too fast, it was stuck under other things and forgotten about, tags are still left on the clothing, or your children wore it a handful of times yet it’s still in perfect condition. We all want to save money and we all like to see our babies things go to good homes. Of course there are options of donating. Do it; however we also want to take care of our close friends and family that have babies of their own on the way.

What have been some of your kids favorite articles of clothing that you haven’t wanted to save but you know they would be a perfect addition to another families closet? Mine were adorable John Deere cowboy boots and any pair of overalls. There’s nothing I love to see more than hand-me-down items we’ve passed along to someone else and now get to admire it on their child. Makes me smile ear to ear.

A friend of mine that I’ve known since we were about 12 years old had a baby boy on the way earlier this year. Our son had just turned 2, so I knew anything he had outgrown could either be saved for his future children or I could create my first hand-me-down gift basket. I gathered a pile of some of my favorite baby items, bought a plastic basket from Target, lined it with a gently used shopping cart baby cover, filled it with clothing, a Halo Sleep Sack, wipes, Gripe Water, burp cloths, a toy, and a book. Wrote a personal note and began piecing it all together.

I found that neatly folding items on the bottom of the basket, placing the cart cover on top and then all the other items would help elevate everything.

No matter what, it was fun putting love into making it, while sobbing and realizing I’m giving away my last child I’ll ever haves things, but at the same time adding our families personal favorites for a first time mom and dad to gather many necessities in one basket. We all know that becoming first time parents is NO JOKE! Take what you can get, always be thankful, and cherish every moment.

Hand-me-down Gift Basket
Gather all your items
Lay them all out
Find a durable basket – Target
Fold and place items on the bottom of the basket
Line the shopping cart baby cover or a blanket on top of the base items
Start folding and placing items on top of the cart cover or blanket
You may have to rearrange everything a few times to get everything in place…
Little by little it will all start coming together
Find a good book and enclose a personal note
Tape it to the back so that the front of the book can be seen
Arrange a time to meet the new baby or take the basket to their baby shower
  • Little Remedies Gripe Water
  • Huggies Natural Care wipes lingettes
  • Halo Sleep Sack
  • Circo blanket and burp cloths
  • Old Navy pajamas
  • Healthtex overalls
  • Gymboree sweater
  • Munchkin diaper mat
  • Angel Dear Lovey
  • Eddie Bauer shopping cart baby cover
  • Camp Crib, Big Bear Lake California socks
  • Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes, book by Mem Fox