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Homemade Chicken Baby Food

Every doctor is different and will say it's okay to start your babies on poultry as early as 4 months. Our doctor gave us the thumbs up at 6 months. We get creative with our homemade baby food. I usually prep a few different veggies, a potato, a fruit, and a meat on Sunday's so that we can combine different things each day giving us many options...Read More

Omni Honey Melon Mojito

While reading the article in the May 2015 Tasting Panel magazine, I decided to attempt this watermelon mojito for Mother's Day. It sounded refreshing and I already had the ingredients at home. I immediately clipped fresh mint leaves from my backyard and made the simple syrup and honey water from scratch. You can leave out the rum if you want to make it non-alcoholic...Read More