Traveling Diaper Changing Tote

I was dropping my daughter off at daycare when I noticed a family that had just toured the school. They were changing their child on the tailgate of their pick-up truck. I rolled my window down and mentioned what a great idea that was. The wife told me she saw this on Pinterest and you can find the totes most anywhere. I loved the idea so much that I drove straight over to Home Depot. This has been perfect for our son. I keep it stored in the back of my Land Cruiser and use it in emergencies. It keeps him from rolling out of the car and getting into things. Just remove the lid, change your kid, toss the dirty diaper, and off you go! Of course it all depends on the length of your child. My son was 2 months old when we got this and still fits in this at 7 months. Give it a few more months and we might need a larger tote. Their legs can be in the air though while changing them; it doesn’t have to be super long because then it would take up too much space.

Items you will need:

  • 1 good sized tote – I purchased this brand and size: HDX 40 Quart (37.85L) Storage Tote

15.8 in W x 15.8 in L x 6.9 in H (65.5 cm AN x 40.1 cm LA x 17.5 cm AL)

  • Items to make your tote comfortable for baby: Blanket, extra pad in case of a mess, diapers, wipes, and cream