Ritz Cracker Scallops

Thank you to Ty Montee for the scallop recipe. I picked up 5 scallops from Sprout’s today because I needed to swing in for vitamins. Decided to attempt his recipe and used Madie’s help after school. Besides wiping raw fish and raw egg all over her shirt numerous times, she crushed the Ritz crackers with a wooden mallet, and helped dunk the scallops in egg and roll them in the crackers. We ate them as appetizers before bath and then a seared Ahi tuna steak dinner. We all loved it. Thanks again Ty!



6 Scallops

6 Ritz Crackers

1 egg

Pepper Jack Cheese

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper



  • Let your kid smash the cracker up inside a ZIP LOC bag
  • In one bowl whisk the egg
  • In one bowl add in your mashed up crackers
  • Sprinkle salt and pepper lightly on each scallop
  • Dunk your scallop in egg wash and then roll them into the Ritz crackers
  • In a hot pan with a couple tablespoons of olive oil, fry the scallops for about 1.5 minutes per side until cracker look browned.
  • I didn’t try this but Ty also suggests laying the cooked scallops on top of pepper jack cheese.


Ritz Cracker Scallops
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Ritz Cracker Scallops
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