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Shishito Peppers

Shishito peppers are popular in Japan. They have a grassy pepper flavor with sweet-hot citrus notes. It is generally a mild pepper variety, the heat level can vary. It's said that about 1 in 10 peppers has a hot kick. You can keep these simple or be creative. I've had these as an appetizer at quite a few restaurants and love them. You can't find them just anywhere...Read More

Organic Baby Food ~ Puréed Sweet Potatoes

You can use sweet potatoes or yams for this recipe. At 4-6 months our baby will enjoy pureed foods. I made all of Madie's food myself. I just felt better about knowing what she was getting. You can give this to on its own or blend with a few other pureed foods such as carrots, green beans, pears, banana, and a little oatmeal cereal. Freeze some so you don't have to make this again in a few weeks. Read More

Homemade Baby Banana Teething Biscuits

I started making these for Madie when she was 10 months old. Cut them into pieces or if your baby has teeth, they will be able to enjoy the whole thing on their own. When your bananas are turning black on the peel, they are perfect for these homemade biscuits...Read More