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Orzo Salad

Halloween weekend we had our family friends come stay with us. Emily brought this fabulous orzo salad that I just couldn’t get enough of. While we were getting pedicures you told me all the steps and ingredients to make this orzo salad. That Sunday night I immediately hit Trader Joe’s to purchase everything. It is very quick to make...Read More

Otter Pop Star Wars Lightsabers

Star Wars and Otter Pops go hand in hand. Freeze Pop Sabers! Feel the force of ice cold refreshment keeping kids hands unfrozen, and giving them a keepsake takeaway gift when they leave your party. Adorable kid sized cozies. I purchased all material from Hobby Lobby and used a coupon for 40% off the glue. Total was around $7.00 out the door. This took about 2 hours with 2 of us working on it...
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