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Italian Sausage Soup

Our neighbors brought over a bowl of this soup and my husband loved it. He asked if I could get the recipe and make it for him. I took the Cloud’s recipe and added a little flare of my own. If you don’t make this soup, I at least suggest you visit a Claro’s Italian Market if you live in Southern California. Or swing by The Corner Butcher Shop in La Verne for their specialty sausages. http://store.claros...Read More

BBQ Shrimp Marinara

While on vacation we dined at a place in Rancho Mirage, California called Babe’s Bar-B-Que Brewhouse. We dined on the patio and started with their cast iron skillet of cornbread. My hubby decided to order the BBQ Tri-Tip sandwich that came with two sides. He loved their fries and baked beans. Because I only eat fish I was craving a salad and shrimp...
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Pierogi Little Pies

One of Poland’s most popular foods, probably because of its versatility, each “little pie” is hearty and pleasantly chewy. They’re delicious stuffed with almost anything and can be served as a side dish, a main dish, or even as dessert. Here’s a basic pierogi dough that I used in Potato vegetarian Pierogi and a Potato bacon Pierogi...
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Amaretto No-Fuss Tiramisu

When buying lady fingers for another tiramisu recipe I attempted, there was a recipe on the package of lady fingers purchased at Albertson’s. A brand called Lady Fingers Simply Elegant Desserts. When I went to their website I couldn’t find the recipe. Not sure if they only have it available on the packages. I made this for a camping trip 4 days in advance and put it in the freezer...
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Italian Peach Pie Crostata

A crostata is an Italian free-form open fruit tart – shape it any way you like. My mother in law found this recipe. I am so happy with the outcome and everyone who tried it enjoyed it. You can serve it right out of the oven with your favorite vanilla ice cream.
This recipe is based on one from Frank Stitt’s Southern Table, Recipes and Gracious Traditions from Highland’s Bar and Grill (Artisan, 200...
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My dear friend Elaine loves Tiramisu. I had never made it before so when she sent me this recipe I saved it on my computer until I had time to make this for her. What I like most about this tiramisu compared to most that you have in restaurants is that it wasn’t soggy. It was a perfect combination of cream, lady fingers, and Kahlua.
YIELD: Approx. 12 Servings

* 6 egg yolks – throw away egg ...
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Grilling BBQ Pizza

My husband never cooks. When I say never, I really mean “Never!” He has cooked one time since I’ve known him and burned the frozen hamburger patties on the BBQ. I think it may have been intentional. I do love cooking so I don’t mind that he doesn’t cook. He actually came up with this idea of grilling our own pizzas...
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Italian Beef Sandwiches

I wanted something super easy that I could just throw in the crock pot and walk away. On this day I left the house at 8am and didn’t get home until 10pm so I wanted my Husband to be able to reach into the crock pot and eat whenever he was ready. When I got home that night, he raved about this beef and that he couldn’t stop eating it. It tasted the best the 1st day but still good as leftovers.
Makes 7-8 ...
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Contadina Italian Insalate (Salad)

While dining at Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, I tasted one of the best salads I’ve had in a very long time. Under Insalate on their menu, you will find the Contadina salad that includes chopped romaine and radicchio, chopped red onion, tomato, pepperoncini, green olives, kalamata olives, garbanzo beans, salami, provolone, and Italian vinaigrette...
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*My first time making meatballs was a huge hit! I created this recipe after much research and just winged it. So happy I did because they were AHMAZING! I made them to carb-load before my first dirt bike race. I made them in the morning before I drive out and tasted all 4 methods before I did the taste test with our dirt bike club members. This recipe yields about 30 meatballs for 1.5 pounds of meat...
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