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Blackberry Lemon Crush Bottled Cocktail

I found this recipe while flipping through the Summer 2016 issue of "in the mix" magazine. If you like vodka, fruit, and lemon...then you just can't go wrong with this summertime cocktail. This would be fun for any BBQ, pool party, or holiday gifts. I wouldn't use a food processor to blend. Use a blender or Nutri Bullet...Read More

Omni Honey Melon Mojito

While reading the article in the May 2015 Tasting Panel magazine, I decided to attempt this watermelon mojito for Mother's Day. It sounded refreshing and I already had the ingredients at home. I immediately clipped fresh mint leaves from my backyard and made the simple syrup and honey water from scratch. You can leave out the rum if you want to make it non-alcoholic...Read More

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s can be made so many ways. The basic ingredients are ice, vodka and tomato juice. The rest is up to you. I love a dirty and very spicy Bloody Mary. I soak the celery and olives in the bottom of the drink and eat them at the very end. Camping and Sunday’s are perfect times to enjoy one of these amazing cocktails...
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Smoothie or Margarita

Tommy’s Green Cup
Protein, Fruits, and Veggie Smoohie
Strawberry Margarita
I have become obsessed with the Nutri Bullet. It’s so easy to toss just about anything into it, blend, and indulge. Always refreshing and I haven’t disliked anything I’ve invented in it yet. Everyone asks how much of each I put in and with these you can really eyeball it...
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Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots

We were going camping with our new dual-sport club and heard it was one of the clubs member’s birthdays. Instead of baking a cake, I decided to make these margarita shooters the day prior so that we could celebrate with Jell-O shots! These came out so good and everyone enjoyed them.
Yields: 24-30 Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shooters
  • 1 box (3.9oz.) Strawberry (real, not generic) Jell-O
  • 3 green b...
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Hadley’s World Famous Date Shake

I’ve been going to Hadley’s Fruit Orchard farm since I was a little girl. My parents would take me to Palm Springs to get on the aerial tram and we would visit Hadley’s for date shakes and of course the Cabazon outlets years later and Morongo Casino & Hotel next door as well. Since I cover the desert for work, I try to stop at Hadley’s a few times a year to pick up date paste...
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Summertime Sangria


2 x 750mL (the same) bottles of your favorite Sauvignon Blanc wine

2 cups of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Use all fresh fruit – These are suggestions and the one’s I like to use:
1 package of strawberries, remove tops and cut in half
1 package of blueberries
1 package of raspberries
3 fresh peaches, remove pit and cut into half moons
1 bunch of Green or Red seedless grapes

Yields: 16-20 g...

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