Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s can be made so many ways. The basic ingredients are ice, vodka and tomato juice. The rest is up to you. I love a dirty and very spicy Bloody Mary. I soak the celery and olives in the bottom of the drink and eat them at the very end. Camping and Sunday’s are perfect times to enjoy one of these amazing cocktails. My husband hates fruits and vegetables but for some reason he loves a good Bloody Mary. Cheers!
1.5 ounces or 1-2 shots of your favorite vodka (Tito’s is our go-to)
3 ounces or 3-4 shots of spicy hot tomato juice, V-8 or Clamato (100% juice)
½ tsp. of Worcestershire Sauce
1 tsp. of prepared horseradish
1-2 dashes of olive juice (this is where the dirty comes from)
1-3 drops of Tabasco or Sriracha for additional spiciness
Lemon, lime, or orange
Kosher salt for rimming the glass or margarita salt – you can also use Tajin seasoning
Pinch of ground pepper
Optional garnishes: crispy bacon, spicy green bean, Spanish olives, lime wedge, green onion, and/or celery stick
Cut your lemon, lime or orange into wedges
Take a clear glass and rim the glass with one wedge of your choice to get it moist
On a small plate pour a tablespoon or so of kosher salt onto the plate
Lightly rotate the rim of your glass allowing the juice to pick up the salt
If you have a shaker add in a cup of ice, vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire, horseradish, and tabasco
Shake it a few times and then pour it all into your glass
Sprinkle the top of the drink with ground pepper
Add in your favorite garnishes by using a toothpick to hold them all together. I like to use one celery stick, olives and a lime wedge
Serve with a straw