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Traveling Diaper Changing Tote

I was dropping my daughter off at daycare when I noticed a family that had just toured the school. They were changing their child on the tailgate of their pick-up truck. I rolled my window down and mentioned what a great idea that was. The wife told me she saw this on Pinterest and you can find the totes most anywhere. I loved the idea so much that I drove straight over to Home Depot...

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Mommy’s Lactation Smoothie

As many of you know I had a sweet baby girl July 30th. She was 5 weeks early weighing 4 pounds 13 ounces. Not being able to hold her in my arms after delivery, I was heartbroken. She was taken immediately to another hospital and I wouldn't see her until I was released 36 hours later...Read More

Mommy’s Lactation Cookies

This might be too much information for some, but I know this will benefit so many mom's out there. I had to post this. Us mommy's will do anything for our babies. I went back to work full-time and instantly worried about how the stress of work would affect my milk supply. It didn't take long to realize stress does slow milk production down...Read More