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Ritz Cracker Scallops

Thank you to Ty Montee for the scallop recipe. I picked up 5 scallops from Sprout’s today because I needed to swing in for vitamins. Decided to attempt his recipe and used Madie’s help after school. Besides wiping raw fish and raw egg all over her shirt numerous times, she crushed the Ritz crackers with a wooden mallet, and helped dunk the scallops in egg and roll them in the crackers...

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Angel Berry Trifle Dessert

I've wanted to make this dessert for years now. Finally I decided it would be the perfect dessert for the hot summer days and 4th of July parties. I decided to double the recipe and make it 2 different ways. I did one in a Tupperware container that I could leave at a party and not worry about getting the dish back. I made one in my trifle bowl, and then decided to purchase those individual sponge cake shells...Read More

Blackberry Lemon Crush Bottled Cocktail

I found this recipe while flipping through the Summer 2016 issue of "in the mix" magazine. If you like vodka, fruit, and lemon...then you just can't go wrong with this summertime cocktail. This would be fun for any BBQ, pool party, or holiday gifts. I wouldn't use a food processor to blend. Use a blender or Nutri Bullet...Read More

Grilled BBQ Peaches with Blue Cheese

I've wanted to grill peaches on the BBQ for years. We enjoyed a nice steak dinner with friends last night and realized I had 2 fresh peaches. This would be the perfect opportunity. Our friend Marshall and I researched many sites and then created our own recipe from what we had in the house. If you don't have this balsamic glaze, then you can make your own in a pan with balsamic vinegar and sugar...Read More

Key Lime Pie

I've wanted to make key lime pie for the last ten years. Ever since Kenny Chesney's Key Lime Pie song came out. Not many restaurants make it. Living in California I couldn't really find it anywhere. You almost have to go to Florida for a delicious slice of heaven. Because I wanted it to be successful the first time around, I decided to go with Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse's recipe. So glad I did...Read More

Omni Honey Melon Mojito

While reading the article in the May 2015 Tasting Panel magazine, I decided to attempt this watermelon mojito for Mother's Day. It sounded refreshing and I already had the ingredients at home. I immediately clipped fresh mint leaves from my backyard and made the simple syrup and honey water from scratch. You can leave out the rum if you want to make it non-alcoholic...Read More

Soba Salad with Soy-Wasabi Vinaigrette

I found this little gem of a recipe in Cooking Light magazine. It was part of a Cost Plus World Market advertisement. They give the recipe and let you know that you can find rice vinegar, soba noodles, wasabi paste and soy sauce at their store. Steamed vegetables retain more water-soluble nutrients than their boiled counterparts...Read More

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad

I tried this pasta salad at a bridal shower. I fell in love instantly. It was unique because of the many different flavors. Spicy from the Tabasco and sweet from the relish and pineapple. I begged for the recipe from a woman that made this dish but didn’t attend the party.


1 pound elbow macaroni (cook per instructions on the box)

1 whole seasoned Rotisserie Chicken from Costco

2 large carrots...

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Strawberry Paletas Popsicles

 There is nothing better on a hot summer day than cool and refreshing paletas (popsicles)! Growing up in Fontana we would swarm to the guys pushing the boxed refrigerators on wheels at the softball park. Those strawberry paletas were always a favorite of mine. Recently I found a recipe for popsicles made with watermelon puree, kiwi, and strawberry...

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Sloppy Joe’s

Day 8 & 9 walls 5.18.2013
Shed Finale 6.19.2013 006
Story: I remember these as a kid. My brother and I would devour these. I know my mom makes these for my dad using the brand Manwich back in Ohio. Because my husband is so picky I chose to make these last night after we spent a couple hours working on building our shed. I figured an ice cold beer followed by a beefy sandwich he wouldn’t resist...
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