Medicine Prescription Reminder

It is not often that our pets need a prescription or our children. But when they do, it seems like it comes with directions on when to take them and if it needs to be taken with food and so on. The thing my husband and I have found to be the easiest so that we know we won’t double up on giving them their pills is to automatically create a cheat sheet grid. This way if we see a check mark we know the other one has given it to them. It also reminds us how many days we have left to give them pills.


Read the directions on the prescription

Count how many pills are in the bottle

Example: If they have 14 pills to take and need half of a pill morning and night you would cut the pills in half and then create two columns for morning and night with the date they will take the pill until the pills are all gone. See cheat sheet images above of our latest cheat sheets

Highlight the important things such as Take with Food or if it is only in the mornings or night

We’ve also found that wrapping the pills in a slice of cheese, cream cheese, or spoon of peanut butter helps our dogs take the pills in one bite

YES, this does seem tedious at first but it only takes a couple minutes to make the sheet and it helps make the week or two go a lot smoother at home