Bridal Shower Wine Gift Idea

My sister in law loves wine. I wanted to do a personalized gift for her bridal shower as well as something with wine. I recently attended a shower where someone did something similar to a wine basket with tags. When I saw a picnic basket at Home Goods, I immediately worked off of that. Her and her husband love adventure and I didn’t think they had a picnic basket yet. I could easily make the tags and then set up the picnic basket with the wine at her shower to have on display. I wish they had sold another picnic basket because I really wanted one. ADORABLE!
You will want to write out the card or letter by using the storyline below and then you will want to pick wines to go with each poem. I listed which wines I used with each tag in which the labels of each wine match the card details. I got the notecards at Marshall’s. And I got the vintage paper for the card from an Estate Sale. Have fun and be creative! This could be a gift for a bridal shower or Bachelorette gift.
Card for the Bride and Groom:
A basket of wine for a special pair,
wrapped in all different colors for you both to share.

We hope that you are both always as happy as today.  Please share this wine just the way that we say.

First, drink the champagne, the bottle wrapped in lace, on your first married night in your new chosen place.

The silver one you must wait to unseal until you have your first guests over for a meal.

Love as you might, you’ll have your first fight…  Drink the blue one while you make up all night.

On January 1st, while sharing some kisses, drink the pink bottle to toast the New Year as Mr. and Mrs.

When your first year of marriage is done, drink the purple bottle in honor of anniversaries to come.
And when you get news of the bun in the oven, Mike must drink this brew alone, Lisa with an empty glass, Sit back and relax, Nine months will quickly pass!

Cheers to Bride and Groom on the start of their lives together – may this basket of wine symbolize the beginning of your forever.
Wedding Night
Wine – Nino Franco Prosecco Brut
Poem –

The night you have dreamed of is finally here.
The future surrounds you with hope and fear.
You’ve been to the chapel and married your soul mate,
So sip this wine and toast this date.
The night is meant for you each to share,
(Bride’s Name) and (Groom’s Name)— a perfect pair.
First Fight
Wine – LoLo Albarino Rias Baixas
Poem –
Love as you might,
You’ll have your first fight…
Drink this wine,
While you make up all night.
First Dinner Party 
Wine – Carmel Road Monterey, Riesling
Poem –
Open your home to entertain and eat.
Catch up with old friends and new ones to meet.
When the night is over, share this bottle of wine.
But don’t sit down yet – it’s clean up time!
First Baby
Beer – STONE Vertical Epic
Poem –

The news that a baby
Will soon share your life,
Now (groom’s name) must drink this one alone,
(bride’s name) with an empty glass.
Sit back and relax,
Nine months will quickly pass!
First New Year’s
Wine – Reserve de Sours, Sparkling Rose Brut
Poem –

On January 1st,
While sharing some kisses…
Drink this bottle,
to toast the New Year
As Mr. and Mrs.
First Anniversary
Wine – Landmark Vineyards Overlook Pinot Noir
Poem –

You wear your love and joyfulness as husband and wife
By looking like the last year was the best of your life.
So happy anniversary here’s our wish for you
May the love you had the first year double in number two.