Bagel Sandwich

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There is a bagel shop in San Dimas called The Bagelry that we love. Always the friendliest staff, freshest sandwiches, and delicious iced tea. My husbands favorite is the Big Apple with turkey, honey mustard, avocado and more. On occasion I purchase bagels and attempt my own version for him at home. My husband doesn’t like vegetables and that is why you don’t see any lettuce or tomatoes on his sandwich. The last images are avocado, Swiss cheese, tuna, and pepperonchinis. 


Your favorite bagel: white, sesame seed, the everything bagel

Slice of cheese

1/2 of an avocado, sliced 

Fresh turkey meat sliced thin

Slices of crispy bacon

Honey mustard and mayonnaise or regular mustard 

Your favorite vegetables: lettuce, pickles, red onion slices, tomatoes, etc.


In a hot pan fry up your bacon until crispy or you can buy pre-cooked bacon and microwave for 30 seconds 

Cut the bagel in half and lay one slice of cheese on the inside of one slice of the bagel

Toss the bagel in the toaster oven or toaster and toast for a couple minutes until lightly browned and cheese is melted 

On the bagel without cheese spread on your sauces, mayo and honey mustard. Then add slices of avocado 

In a pan, heat up your slices of turkey 

Lay slices of bacon, turkey, and your favorite vegetables on top of the avocado

Combine the two bagels to create your sandwich and cut in half

* Many creative ways to make bagel sandwiches. You can use different meats: roast beef, tuna, egg salad, etc. Have fun with it!

Visit The Bagelry next time you are in San Dimas, California: