Cork Trivet

I saw this on Pinterest and was inspired tonight. While my husband was at Taco Tuesday, I pulled out 60 or so uniformly sized wine corks and made them into a medium-sized trivet. I noticed he had some metal hose clamps in the garage, so when he got home I asked him if we could use them to make this. It took 5 minutes to fit them around the trivet, cut the excess clamp down to size and tighten it. We had everything around the house so this cost us $0. If you don’t have certain materials, this will cost less than $10.

What you need:

50-70 used wine corks – if you go to any winery, they typically will give you a handful if you ask

1 x 12 inch metal hose clamp sold in the plumbing section at the hardware store or you can put 2 of them together like we did. We put two 4 1/2 hose clamps together

1 pair of tin snips (metal clippers)

1 x 5/6 socket driver or flat head screw driver to tighter the clamps.


Arrange all your corks in a circle, upright and have extra corks so as you tightern the clamps, you can add more corks to the middle or sides. Make sure your corks are even so your pots will be even when you use this.

Fit the hose clamp around the circle. If it needs to be trimmed, you can do this before you start to tighten it or after.

Use the socket driver to tighten the clamps.

Very cheap and quick project. Enjoy!

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