Filipino Dessert Mango Float


·         1 pack of 408-gram (14.4oz) or larger Grahams crackers in honey OR any crackers in honey or chocolate flavors
·         1 box of crushed Grahams crackers in honey OR any crackers in honey or chocolate flavors
·         1 ½ cups of all-purpose cream (used 2 cans of Nestle Media Creama = 7.6 fl. oz. cans)
·         ¾ cup of condensed milk
·         2 cups of sliced ripe (yellow) mangoes = 4 mangoes
Directions for Making Mango Float:
1. Filling
Chill the all-purpose cream.
Once the all-purpose cream is chilled, then mix it with the condensed milk in a bowl.
This concoction will serve as your cream filling.
Note: The cream filling will set quickly if the chilled all-purpose cream is whipped prior to mixing with condensed milk.
2. Layers
The crackers should be the first layer of the mango float.
Lay down about eight pieces of Grahams crackers or any crackers in honey or chocolate flavors in a rectangular pan that measures about 8 x 13 centimeters.
The cream filling should be the second layer. You can use a food processor and add in most of mangos, all purpose cream and condensed milk so it’s all combined and easier to scoop onto layers.
Pour a part of the cream filling on top of the crackers.
Note: You can also add in finely chopped mangoes in the cream filling.
Sliced mangoes should make up the third layer.
Put in some small slices of mangoes on top of the cream filling.
3. Semi-Finished Product
Stack up as many layers of crackers, cream filling, and sliced mangoes as desired. If you run out of whole graham crackers and want more layers, you can use the crumbled crackers as layers too. I made about 6+ layers.
The top layer, however, should be the cream filling and the sliced mangoes.
The crushed crackers are then sprinkled on top of the sliced mangoes. You can use whole graham crackers if you don’t have crushed.
4. Finished Product
Chill the dessert overnight. Serve it cold in squared. Add whipped cream on top if you want for presentation.