Handmade Easy Christmas Ornaments



This is one of the easiest and quickest projects I’ve ever done!

What you need:

– Used wine corks
– Used shotgun shells
– T-Pins (1-1/4″, 31.8mm)
– Ornament Hooks, skinny ribbon, or twisted jute twine (Hobby Lobby has all the best choices) 
– Pick or something sharp to create the holes in the shotgun shells

How it’s done:

Shotgun ornaments: Make sure they are empty and pierce a hole with a pick into the top open area. Take one ornament hook and feed through the hole. You can pinch it together so it doesn’t come out of the hole.

Wine cork ornaments: Make a tight twist in the ornament hook on one end leaving a tiny hole to go through one side of the T-Pin. Make sure the hook is tight and push the T-Pin all the way down inside the middle of the wine cork. Make sure it’s all the way down so the hook doesn’t come off the T-Pin.
*For wedding gifts, I take the old wine corks, stick a small T-pin through the middle of one side, and tie a knot around the t-pin with a skinny ribbon, then another knot at the top to connect the ends of the ribbon to make a full circle. This way you can hang it on the wrapping ribbon like the image above or you can hang it on tree branches for Christmas.

These are fun, inexpensive, and great stocking stuffers!