Easy Grilled Salmon


– 4 salmon fillets
– 1/2 cup creamy horseradish
– 1 tablespoon capers
– 1/2 tsp. of fresh lemon juice
– Hitching Post Magic Dust


– Turn on BBQ to medium heat.

– lightly drizzle EVOO on salmon top and bottom.

– Sprinkle Magic Dust on both sides.

– Lay salmon fillets on large piece of foil and place on BBQ.

– Grill on each side for 4-5 minutes.

– Add creamy horseradish, capers, and lemon juice together.

– Spoon one dollop of sauce onto each grilled salmon filet.
– If you are not a horseradish fan, try adding cilantro, navel orange slices, tomato slices, green onions diced, red onion chopped, squeeze of lime, slices of avocado, and kosher salt.

– Serve with your favorite side dish. We enjoy couscous. Takes 5 minutes. http://www.neareast.com/index.cfm#products/toastedpinenut

Order your Magic Dust online: https://hitchingpost2.com/giftsS.html Well worth it! You can season anything with it (chicken, fish, steak, etc.)