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Pumpkin Soup

I was going through old cookbooks that have been passed on along the years. I found one that my Mother in Law gave me that is titled "Light Cuisine" Cook Light ~ Eat Right, presented by Professional Home Economists in 1979. The recipe that most intrigued me was the pumpkin soup. I had never made it before and I had everything in my pantry at home. The woman who shared the recipe is Barbara Gershman...Read More

Mexican Black Beans

This was my first attempt at homemade black beans. All these years I had been buying canned black beans. They are cheap and they are easy. Just put them in a pan and heat them up. What I didn't know was that homemade beans taste like heaven. They are time consuming but worth every single second. The leftovers are even better...Read More

Babies First Fish Halibut at 10 months

I wanted to find a fish that wouldn't taste too fishy, that wouldn't require a lot of doctoring up, and didn't have bones in it. Halibut was a perfect first fish for our baby girl to try. Madie was 10 months old when we gave her baked halibut. Super easy, flaky, and tasty. She loved it! Read More

Homemade Chicken Baby Food

Every doctor is different and will say it's okay to start your babies on poultry as early as 4 months. Our doctor gave us the thumbs up at 6 months. We get creative with our homemade baby food. I usually prep a few different veggies, a potato, a fruit, and a meat on Sunday's so that we can combine different things each day giving us many options...Read More

Crock Pot Pork Carnitas

Very authentic recipe by Melissa Darabian. Easy and delicious. Perfect for your next taco night! Cut the recipe in half if you want less servings. If you want a delicious pork butt or pork shoulder and you live near La Verne, California. I highly suggest picking up your meat from The Corner Butcher Shop - 2359 Foothill Blvd...Read More

Butternut Soup with Coconut Milk

A fall favorite, butternut squash shines brightest when used as a base for a rich, warming soup. Serve this full-flavored soup as a first course or as a smooth vegetable stew over rice with a side of cooked greens. We've used luxurious full-fat coconut milk, which yields a decadent, silky soup. You can use light coconut milk, if you prefer, for a soup with less body (and only 1g saturated fat per serving).Read More

Orzo Salad

Halloween weekend we had our family friends come stay with us. Emily brought this fabulous orzo salad that I just couldn’t get enough of. While we were getting pedicures you told me all the steps and ingredients to make this orzo salad. That Sunday night I immediately hit Trader Joe’s to purchase everything. It is very quick to make...Read More