Easter Beer & Wine Hunt

Adults can enjoy Easter too…. 


Go to your local wine shop, brewery, and/or grocery store and pick out 12-20 different beers and wines. 

Purchase some delicious candy such as Snicker’s, Andes Mints, Reese’s Pieces, etc. and stick a few inside plastic Easter eggs. You can typically find these at a .99 cent store or local grocery store.

Purchase Lottery scratcher tickets. If they don’t carry them, you can swing into most gas stations and get them. If you want to include Power Ball or Mega Million numbers for the next draw that is always an option too. 

Boil farm fresh eggs and decorate them. If you are as lucky as us, we get 3 different color eggs from our chickens so we probably won’t need to add any color. 

On Easter morning, get to the party before the crowd. We will have 4-5 adults doing the hunt. I will hide eggs, beers, and wine all around the yard. Should be a great time! 

Happy Easter & Cheers!