Texas Pot Roast

Who doesn’t like slow cooking a pot roast for 10 hours and enjoying the roast just falling to pieces because of its tenderness? This pot roast is a perfect combination if you like beef and you like spicy. Put it on top of mashed potatoes or enjoy it like a roast beef dip on a nice french roll.
3.5 – 4 pound Beef Chuck Shoulder Rib Roast or Prime Chuck Roast from The Butcher Shop in La Verne, California
1 packet of McCormick Au Jus Gravy Mix, 1oz.
1 jar of Italian Mix Giardiniera, 16 oz. – I used Mezzetta (Spicy cauliflower, carrots, peppers, celery, pickles, and pearl onions) – This makes it a little spicy
Olive oil, tablespoon
Ranch dressing, 2 tablespoons
5 whole pepperoncini’s or ½ cup of sliced pepperoncini’s
1 stick of butter
In a crock pot set on slow or low for 8-10 hours. Cook until you can peel a piece of roast apart with your fingers.
Rub your roast with a little olive oil on both sides
In a hot skillet sear both sides of the roast for about 1-2 minutes per side to brown it a little
Drop the roast into the bottom of the crock pot
Dump in your packet of Au Jus Gravy mix, the entire jar with liquid of Giardiniera vegetables, sprinkle in some Ranch dressing (I used about 2 tablespoons), pepperoncini’s, and place your stick of butter on top.
Every hour or so, flip the roast with a large fork.
Serve the roast on Italian bread with some of the juice. You can dip in creamy horseradish. Or serve over creamy mashed potatoes with gravy with a side of rolls and honey butter. Even tastes great on a bed of lettuce for a lunchtime salad.
This is also perfect for leftovers for the next couple days. 
If your family doesn’t like spicy, you can leave out the Giardiniera and the pepperoncini’s. Or try the recipe below for a non-spicy pot roast.
Italian Pot Roast: 

Mashed Potatoes: