Sweet Tooth Fresh Fruit Cup

We all have this from time to time. The craving of something sweet. Mostly chocolate and full of sugar. I recently came up with a quick fix for my late night sweet tooth. I decided instead of grabbing a delicious chocolate truffle to scoop up all the fresh fruit I had in my fridge and fruit basket. I came up with roughly a tablespoon each of blackberries, strawberries, banana, blueberries, and Cool whip. This fills you up and really takes care of that sweet tooth. 


1 tablespoon of Blueberries = 4-5 whole blueberries
1 tablespoon of Strawberries = 1-2 strawberries, diced
1 tablespoon of Blackberries = 2-3 whole blackberries
1 tablespoon of Banana = 3-4 banana slivers
1 tablespoon of Cool Whip
1 tablespoon of Granola = I used Nature’s Path Hemp Plus


Throw all your fruit in a bowl, spoon a little Cool Whip on top, and sprinkle with your favorite granola. I like to toss it all so the Cool Whip and granola is blended into the fruit.