Pie Dough Pie Crust


1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

1 stick of cold butter, cubed (If you use unsalted butter, add a pinch of salt)

1/4 cup ice water


In a food processor, pulse the flour and salt

Add the cubed butter and pulse until dough is pea sized

Drizzle in the water and pulse until the crumbs become moistened

Gather dough onto plastic wrap and form into a ball, flatten and cover with remaining plastic wrap

Place dough in fridge for 30-60 minutes

Roll out the dough and line in the pie pan or use this pumpkin pie recipe and do a combination of graham cracker crust, pie dough crust and pumpkin pie. So wonderful!!!


*** If you want to make designs with your crust, double the pie dough recipe. You can also use a graham cracker crust on the bottom and add this Pie Dough as decorations…