Mashed Potatoes

5 pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes
1 cup of Butter
2 cups of Chicken Broth
½ cup Sour Cream
1 tsp. Pepper
1 tsp. Kosher Salt
1 tsp.  Garlic salt or 4 fresh garlic cloves, minced
1 cup shredded mozzarella
If you are using real garlic, cook them in a  small pan on low with a little olive oil until cooked
Use a potato peeler and remove most of the skin or all of the skin
Cut potatoes into cubes
Boil potatoes in large pot until they are completely soft
Drain the water
Use a potato masher or hand mixer to mash the potatoes
Add in all the ingredients
When everything is mixed it, you can place them in a crock pot set on warm/low to keep them warm
Top them off with a few slivers of butter, salt, and pepper
Optional toppings: parsley, paprika, chives, bacon bits

Serve with your chicken, or turkey alongside your favorite gravy