Buffalo Chips

1 Russet Potato
2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 tablespoon of Garlic Festival Garli Garni – All Purpose Garlic Seasoning or make your own seasoning from garlic powder, salt and pepper
Wash the potato
Slice the potato into very thin slices
Sprinkle garlic seasoning all over potatoes
Heat olive oil to medium heat in a large frying pan
Place potato slices into the oil and cook until crispy
Lay two paper towels on a plate and use tongs to remove the chips onto the paper towels to soak off excess oil
Serve as a side dish with a sandwich, burger, or steak
Tastes yummy dipped in Thousand Island dressing, BBQ sauce, or Ranch dressing
***Last picture = Buffalo Chips with our famous Jimmy Melt:
Garli Garni Garlic Seasoning:
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