Berry Flower Cake














I wanted to make a cake for one of my best friends. She loves fruit, so this Berry Cake was a perfect fit for her. You can use box cake or make a cake from scratch.
Visit my Rainbow Cake blog for directions on how to make your cake and frosting from scratch.
1 box of Classic White Cake mix (Pillsbury Moist Supreme 18.25oz + 1 cup water, 1/3 cup Crisco oil, and 3 whole eggs)
1 16 oz. tub of Cream Cheese Frosting
PAM baking spray
Flour for sprinkling on cake pans
1 pound of fresh strawberries for fruit filling and ½ pound of strawberries for decoration
1 small container of raspberries
1 small container of blueberries
1 small container of blackberries
1 bag of sliced almonds
1 tub of Cool Whip or Cool Whip Lite
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 9-inch round cardboard or plate
Shredded coconut (optional)
Set oven to 350 and prepare cake pans by greasing them with no-stick PAM baking spray or shortening, and flour dust each pan by sprinkling a little flour on top of the spray
Blend cake mix for 2 minutes and evenly separate into 2 or 3 eight or nine inch round cake pans. I used 3 pans and filled each pan with 1 and ¾ cup of cake batter
Bake cakes until lightly browned. I baked mine for about 25 minutes
Remove cake from oven and store in the freezer for half hour for the icing to spread easier
Cut off tops of strawberries and add them to a food processor, add in one tablespoon of sugar and blend until mildly chunky
Make homemade frosting or one tub of cream cheese frosting premade
Use a plate or round cardboard to start stacking cake
Put one cake on the bottom, smear half container of cool whip, then ½ strawberry mix. Don’t get strawberries too close to the edges or it will be tough to smear frosting
Add the 2nd cake and repeat whipped cream and strawberry steps
Add 3rd cake and frost all sides and top of the cake
Decorating the Cake:
Use half pound of strawberries for bottom edge of cake. Cut them in halves and remove tops before adding them to the cake
Add blueberries next to strawberries at base of the cake
Sprinkle coconut on the top and/or sides of the cake and almonds alongside of cake
To make the flowers you will want unbroken sliced almonds
Place alternating fruit, raspberries and blackberries on top of the cake and use the sliced almonds like flower petals around each piece of fruit
It was about 90 degrees outside the day I made this cake. We just had our front door painted so it was melting the cream cheese frosting a little. Next time, I will make this the night before when it’s cooler
Store in the fridge until ready to serve
Slice and enjoy with your favorite ice cream!