North Shore Acai Bowl

One of my favorite treats on earth is the North Shore Bowl from Bowl of Heaven in La Verne, CA. They are closed the next few days for the holiday season so I decided to recreate this treat because I am REALLY craving it. You can get all of the ingredients from Trader Joe’s except for the Sambazon. I found that at Albertson’s. You can make this without Sambazon if you can’t find it. There are other Acai berry juice blends out there that you can substitute.
Please visit Bowl of Heaven if you live in Southern California. All of their bowls are literally like heaven!
          1 cup of Berry Medley frozen fruit from Trader Joe’s (16 oz. bag) included strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries
          1 Banana – use 1/3 in blender and the rest you can chop up on top
          ½ cup of Nature’s Path Hemp Plus Granola
          2 TBSP. of Sambazon Acai Juice Blend (Blueberry & Pomegranate superfood)
          ½ tsp. Honey
          1 TBSP. of Almond Peanut Butter
          1 tsp. of your favorite protein powder
          1 TBSP. of Apple Juice
          ½ tsp. Flax Seed
          In a blender or food processor (I prefer food processor) add fruit, Sambazon, honey, almond butter, apple juice, flax seed, and protein powder and blend until smooth.
          Add some granola to the bottom of a bowl; add the fruit blend from the food processor on top of the granola, and then top with more granola.
          Chop up your favorite fruit to add on the very top. I used bananas but when Strawberries are in season I will add those too.