Tuna Salad

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Updated: 7/17/2013:

I dined at Clementine’s in Palm Desert recently and they serve a delicious tuna salad on half an avocado. HEAVEN!

Updated: 7/29/2014:

I was in Brea picking up something from a Craigslist seller a couple weekends back. She asked to meet at Starbucks. As I sat there waiting I noticed all the folks walking in and out of the sandwich shop next door called Which Wich. It was just after lunch and I had planned on driving home to make something for lunch; however the non-stop traffic of this shop intrigued me. I had to see what the hype was about. I walked in and got the skinny from the girl behind the counter. You basically chose your protein from a list on a wall board. Below it are rows of paper bags that you check all the goodness you want on your sandwich. You can have it on wheat, white, in a bowl, or Lettucewich. I went with the Sriracha Tuna sandwich and all the fixings on a 7″ small. It was less than $5.50. I ate half in the car in the parking lot and planned to save the other half for when I got home. That didn’t work. Ate the entire thing before I even got out of Brea. This place is clean, service is top knotch, and the sandwiches are plentiful, delicious, and fresh. YOU MUST TRY one near you. Check out the website for all their locations. http://www.whichwich.com/locations


2 x 7-ounce cans of Chicken of the Sea – solid white albacore tuna in water (Costco) – Drained

1/4 cup of diced red onion

2 hard boiled eggs, diced (remove yolk if you want)

1/4 cup Pepperchini’s or banana peppers, diced (you can add a little of juice if you don’t like your tuna dry)

1-2 tablespoons of Mayonaise Light

1-2 teaspoons of mustard

Pepper to taste

Optional: Avocado, cut in half – remove the pit with a knife and the outside skin by scooping out with a spoon

Optional: Make it spicy by adding 1-2 teaspoons of Sriracha Sauce


Drain each can of tuna and use a fork to seperate all the pieces so it’s flaky

Add tuna into bowl and mix in mayo + mustard

Add the onion, eggs, pepperchini’s and mix together

Top with a pinch of pepper and serve on lettuce, make a tuna melt on your favorite bread, or eat it on some Ritz crackers

You can also add the tuna to the top of half an avocado. Sprinkle some romaine lettuce around it

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