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Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili

Gina’s Weight Watcher Recipes
Servings: 10 Size: 1 1/4 cups Old Points: 3 pts Points+: 5 pts
Calories: 203.7 • Fat: 1.4 g • Carb: 33.3 g • Fiber: 10.0 g Protein: 16.9 g


·         1 onion, chopped
·         1 (15.25-oz) can black beans
·         1 (15.25-oz) can kidney beans
·         1 8-oz can tomato sauce
·         10 oz package frozen corn kernels
·         2 x...

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Healthy Pizza

·         La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Whole Wheat Large tortillas or any Wheat tortilla (these are 80 calories each)
·         Mozzarella Cheese – shredded
·         Parmesan Cheese – shredded
·         Culinary Circle Spicy Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce (Albertson’s) or any red pasta sauce
·         Your favorite veggies
·         Put a piece of foil on t...
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Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

 Take a picture with your fist sticking out. Still a work in progress. Stick it out and over to the left more.


Find font or images online to place on your card that fits the occasion.

                                                                                                                                                                       Cut out t...

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Mini Omelets – Egg Bites

For a fun and easy morning meal, try these small-scale egg dishes.

Baked in individual muffin cups, they ensure that everyone gets the

mix-ins they like.

8 large eggs or 1 carton (16oz) of REAL EGG BEATERS from Costco

1/2  cup half-and-half or ½ cup of Soy Milk for non-dairy drinkers

1/2 teaspoon salt

Assorted mix-ins (such as shredded cheese, diced vegetables, and cooked and

chopped bacon...
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Crock Pot Chicken Tequila Soup

Makes 4 bowls – Double the recipe for more guests or leftovers 


1 small red onion, cut into 8 wedges

1 cup frozen corn, thawed

1 can of black beans, don’t drain the liquid

1-2 cans (10 oz. each) Rotel Original Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies (depends how spicy you like it)- we used 2

3 cloves garlic, minced

2 chicken breasts from Foster Farms, remove fat optional

3 cups chicken broth

3 tbsp...
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