Blackberry Lemon Crush Bottled Cocktail
I found this recipe while flipping through the Summer 2016 issue of “in the mix” magazine. If you like vodka, fruit, and lemon…then you just can’t go wrong with this summertime cocktail. This would be fun for any BBQ, pool party, or holiday gifts. I wouldn’t use a food processor to blend. Use a blender or Nutri Bullet. You can make this days ahead of time and store refrigerated for up to two weeks in 187mL bottles or 8 oz. canning jars. Get creative and Enjoy!
Servings Prep Time
92ounces 20minutes
Servings Prep Time
92ounces 20minutes
Simple Syrup Ingredients:
Blackberry Lemon Crush Ingredients:
  1. Make your simple syrup ahead of time or buy it in store. To make the simple syrup, just combine one cup of sugar with one cup boiling water. Stir until sugar is dissolved. You can store refrigerated for up to two weeks.
  2. Squeeze your lemons
  3. Lay out all of your ingredients out on the counter.
  4. Place the Vodka and blackberries in a blender and blend to infuse the blackberries. I used a food processor but be careful because those can leak. I would use a blender or Nutri Bullet.
  5. Fine strain using a chinois or sieve, into a large bowl to get rid of all the chucks.
  6. Toss out anything left in the sieve.
  7. Add all remaining ingredients into the large bowl and stir to combine (Limoncello, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, simple syrup and water).
  8. I poured all of the contents from the bowl into the sieve one more time to get rid of any remaining pieces of pulp/fruit.
  9. Fill the bottles one inch from the top using a funnel. Cap and refrigerate for up to two weeks. Shake before serving.
  10. I poured this into a large 64 oz. BALL Canning jar from Target and a couple 8 oz. jars to give as gifts. Use labels and twine to make tags when giving gifts.
  11. You can drink it right out of the canning jar or pour over ice into a glass with your favorite garnishes (blackberries, mint leaves, slice of lemon, etc).
  12. Thank you to Kathy Casey from Liquid Kitchen for having her delicious recipe in the Summer 2016 issue of “in the mix” magazine. So glad I tried this. We will be sharing this with friends on 4th of July.