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Tortilla Chips

What’s your favorite tortilla chip? Store bought or homemade?
I did a tortilla chip taste test with my Husband. He’s always thought Casa del Rey in San Dimas, CA has the best tortilla chips. They also have very good salsa. We get their chips and salsa for nearly every party we have.
I recently started shopping at Super King in Claremont and they make their own chips.
Of course, he liked the Casa del Rey chips ...
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Chile Verde Tacos

My dear friend Ashli shared this with me. So very thankful!


1 x 4  lb. pork butt / pork shoulder – Estimated cost for 4 pounds is $10.00

1 jar of Chili Verde from Archer Farms (Target) or a Jar of 505 Southwestern Green Chile Salsa from supermarket 16oz. Some Targets don’t carry the Chili Verde any longer, so you may have to use their Roasted Salsa Verde by Archer Farms...

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