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Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Dipping the perfect chocolate covered strawberries is a quick and simple process that always makes a lasting impression. It is inexpensive and you can be as creative as you wish. I purchase the extra-large strawberries from our local strawberry stand, off Towne & Baseline in Claremont, California. They are a little pricey but well worth it. I got 3 baskets, with roughly 30 strawberries for $15...
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Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

I found this Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar at Home Goods years ago. It is made by Sonoma Harvest. I drizzle it on my salads. It is just wonderful. I’ve tried to find it locally and can’t. I know I can purchase it online for $15 plus shipping, but I got the idea to try and create my own homemade strawberry salad dressing. I’m very pleased with this and look forward to making a lot more of it.
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Grilled Cheese Sandwich


There is a very simple way to make grilled cheese. All you need is bread, butter, cheese, and a pan. Some people like certain breads, cheeses, and add fun things such as mustard or bologna inside their sandwiches. I grabbed lunch at a little bakery called SF Boudin in Costa Mesa, California recently. They had on their menu a grilled cheese with Fig jelly and sliced apples...
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Sweet Tooth Fresh Fruit Cup

We all have this from time to time. The craving of something sweet. Mostly chocolate and full of sugar. I recently came up with a quick fix for my late night sweet tooth. I decided instead of grabbing a delicious chocolate truffle to scoop up all the fresh fruit I had in my fridge and fruit basket. I came up with roughly a tablespoon each of blackberries, strawberries, banana, blueberries, and Cool whip...

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Caramel Apple Pie

Ingredients {for the apple filling}: Enough for one pie
  • Firm Apples- 6 large Fuji apples (sweeter) or Granny Smith (more tart)
  • Sugar- 2/3 cup *See Notes at the bottom
  • Cinnamon- 1 1/2 tsp.
  • Dulce de Leche (this takes 2 hours) – Use half of the can in the apples and the other half for topping or...
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Italian Peach Pie Crostata

A crostata is an Italian free-form open fruit tart – shape it any way you like. My mother in law found this recipe. I am so happy with the outcome and everyone who tried it enjoyed it. You can serve it right out of the oven with your favorite vanilla ice cream.
This recipe is based on one from Frank Stitt’s Southern Table, Recipes and Gracious Traditions from Highland’s Bar and Grill (Artisan, 200...
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Strawberry Paletas Popsicles

 There is nothing better on a hot summer day than cool and refreshing paletas (popsicles)! Growing up in Fontana we would swarm to the guys pushing the boxed refrigerators on wheels at the softball park. Those strawberry paletas were always a favorite of mine. Recently I found a recipe for popsicles made with watermelon puree, kiwi, and strawberry...

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Chocolate & Strawberries

I served these for Mother’s Day. Better than dipping the strawberry in choclate and eating it off the stem. Very easy and super yummy!

·         3 baskets of fresh strawberries from the farm (about 24-30 strawberries)
·         1 tub (7 oz.) of Baker’s Dipping Chocolate – Real Milk Chocolate
·         1 cup of cream cheese frosting (store bought or homemade)

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Smoothie or Margarita

Tommy’s Green Cup
Protein, Fruits, and Veggie Smoohie
Strawberry Margarita
I have become obsessed with the Nutri Bullet. It’s so easy to toss just about anything into it, blend, and indulge. Always refreshing and I haven’t disliked anything I’ve invented in it yet. Everyone asks how much of each I put in and with these you can really eyeball it...
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North Shore Acai Bowl

One of my favorite treats on earth is the North Shore Bowl from Bowl of Heaven in La Verne, CA. They are closed the next few days for the holiday season so I decided to recreate this treat because I am REALLY craving it. You can get all of the ingredients from Trader Joe’s except for the Sambazon. I found that at Albertson’s. You can make this without Sambazon if you can’t find it...
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