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Tortilla Chips

What’s your favorite tortilla chip? Store bought or homemade?
I did a tortilla chip taste test with my Husband. He’s always thought Casa del Rey in San Dimas, CA has the best tortilla chips. They also have very good salsa. We get their chips and salsa for nearly every party we have.
I recently started shopping at Super King in Claremont and they make their own chips.
Of course, he liked the Casa del Rey chips ...
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Baby Shower Flowers


Baby Food jars
Your favorite flowers


Buy baby food jars and empty the baby food. You can eat it yourself, feed it to your baby, feed it to your puppies, or dump it down the drain.

Leave the label on or you can peel it off. 

Fill jar with water 1/2 way.

Buy your favorite flowers or use some from your garden or borrow some from your neighbors without telling them.

These are cute for ba...

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