Wine Corks

I was at a JUSTIN Wine dinner on Monday night at Ruth’s Chris in Pasadena. One of the guests brought a bottle of 1999 Reserve Isosceles and he had the cork attached to the side of the bottle. I took a picture of it and then came home and practiced.
Remove the top piece of foil, just above the collar of the bottle and toss out.
Use a wine opener and remove the cork. Save this for later.
Just below the collar, safely and carefully use a wine opener knife to cut around it, leaving about ¼ of an inch left.
Put the knife under the collar band go around it carefully loosening it. You will eventually be able to pull it over the bottle.
Bend the circle band a little closest to the neck of the bottle and insert the cork into the circle.
You should be able to pour your wine and the cork should stay in place.
Just a fun way to display your wine cork!

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