BBQ Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno & Cream Cheese Shrimp



For my birthday we headed to the local pub in Big Bear Lake called Murray’s Saloon & Eatery. Two guys were at the table next to use so we started chatting. They swore by the food menu. James ordered Ahi Tuna which was amazing and I ordered bacon wrapped shrimp. I put a reminder in my phone to recreate those bacon wrapped shrimp as soon as I got home.  I bought the largest shrimp I could find, a pack of bacon, cream cheese, and a jalapeno.
          12 large shrimp (Albertson’s 13/15 grill cut shrimp with shells/tails – uncooked)
          2 Tablespoons of chopped up jalapeno (seeds removed/rinsed)
          2 ounces of cream cheese
          1 pack of Hormel Black Label Center Cut Bacon (shorter strips than usual)
          1 teaspoon of olive oil
          Grape seed oil – optional for deep frying
          Salt & Pepper to taste
          In a small sauce pan, cook the chopped up fine pieces of jalapeno and the olive oil on medium until soft
          Remove pan from stove and whish in the cream cheese until lightly melted
          Used your fingers to remove the outside shells from the shrimp, leaving on the tail
          Use your fingers to rub the jalapeno/cream cheese all over each shrimp
          Take 1 piece of bacon and one shrimp at a time and wrap the bacon around the shrimp starting at the tail – the whole shrimp should be covered by the slice of bacon. No need to use toothpicks, they should stay together
          Sprinkle a little kosher salt and pepper onto the top of the bacon
          You can heat up grape seed oil in a small pan and fry each shrimp or you can BBQ them on the grill. If you fry, lay the cooked shrimp on paper towels to get the grease off. Flip them a quarter of a turn every few minutes until the bacon is crispy
          THESE CAME OUT AMAZING! The shrimp was so succulent. Both the fried ones and the grilled ones were delicious. To be healthier (HAHA), go with grilling these!
Inspired by Jenny & Murray’s Saloon & Eatery in Big Bear Lake, CA:

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