Rice Cooker Boiled Eggs

My co-worker Tracy lives in Oahu, Hawaii. We were working together this month and living in a condo for a week. I made boiled eggs in a pan. The next day while we are eating the eggs I asked her how she makes her boiled eggs.

Tracy’s response:

“Take your rice cooker, lay a wet paper towel on the bottom of the metal bowl, and then lay the raw eggs on top of the paper towel. One layer (about 8-9 eggs). Put the lid on and click the button to Cook.” In about 15 minutes it will click to warm and be done.

As soon as I got back to California, I tried this so called rice cooker creation. AMAZING!


– Use Large or smaller eggs. I lay mine out on the counter for 30-60 minutes to get them to room temperature. 

– Lay them out of the fridge until they get close to room temperature before putting into the rice cooker (set a timer for about 35 minutes depending on size of the egg). Your rice cooker will click to warm before the timer goes off. They will continue to steam.

– In your rice cooker, lay a large wet (rinsed out/not dripping) paper towel in the bottom of the rice cooker. Then put the eggs side by side, don’t stack them on top of the paper towel.

– Hit the button on “cook” and these will cook for about 6 minutes, before it clicks up to “warm”. When it clicks up they are not done. Keep them in there for an additional 25+ minutes so they fully cook. They will continue to steam. If you like a little yolk still runny, pull them out around 20 minutes.

– When timer goes off, rinse the eggs under cold water and make a tiny crack in them, by hitting the side of the egg on the counter lightly. The cool water will run into the cracked egg and it helps the shell come off easier when you are ready to eat them.

– Eat one right away or put them in the fridge to eat throughout the week. I keep all my boiled eggs in a large Ziploc bag.

This does work! I Love this! Super easy and the eggs come out perfect.

Thank you so much Tracy!