Fudge Sticks

Comparing the same products…

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between a brand name product and the store brand product?

Example: My husband loves the Keebler Fudge Sticks you find in the cookie aisle at Albertson’s. His mom buys them for him and has them at her house in the freezer for him everytime we go over there.

I decided to buy them for him this week and noticed that Albertson’s makes their own version – Essential Everyday Fudge Wafer.

Keeber was $2.99 on sale, regular $3.49 and Essential was $1.99 on sale, regular, $2.49.

I decided to buy one of each and have my husband do a blind tasting.

The Essential wafers were larger, had more chocolate, and more cream. These were less and everyone that did the taste test liked Albertson’s brand the best.

You can do this with so many items. The store brand is exactly the same ingredients, tastes the same if not better, and cheaper.